Android Application

to attract more than 1.4 billion android users, all over the world, through your app?? then no need to search further, you are on the right platform. What you want?? Just, tell your fantasy and leave it, to us. We, at Thinksys, integrates each team member’s excellence, expertise and enthusiasm with the best used tools and frameworks, in a dedicated environment, to deliver your dream android app.

Our Android team imparts the diverse traits of professionals, having deep expertise and wide variety of knowledge in the android development, gained through years of churning, and avid, young, highly talented developers, ready to accept challenges and having the competency, to work, in proportion to your needs.

IOS Application

The revolutionary App Store experience makes it easy for you to reach millions of iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch customers. At Varadhi, having the iPhone developer license, we follow these guidelines provided by Apple in order to publish applications to the App store so that customers can download. We publish Apps under your account and can provide support and maintenance for the number of days agreed on our agreement.

  • Application Name (must be unique)
  • Application Description
  • Application Category
  • URL for your application feedback
  • Icon of your application in 512×512 size
  • Main picture of your application in 320×480 or 320×460 size

Our Technology


Android Game Development

    Deftness in designing and developing addictive games, in various categories, such as puzzle, racing, sports and many more.

E-Commerce Applications

    We help in making your business, to reach its zenith, by assuring a wide customer reach , through an Android app.

Multimedia Applications

    Proficient in delivering high quality, entertaining, interactive multimedia apps, showing compatibility, with multiple variants of software and hardware.

Social Media Applications

    Assist in bolstering your business on the various platforms of social networking, in a superior way, through an Android application.

Banking & Financial Applications

    Boost up the business of the financial organizations or institutions, such as banks, by empowering them, with reliable, interactive and secure financial applications.

GPS and Wifi based Applications

    Adeptness in developing top quality gps and wifi based applications.